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I had to shorten it but here is a cool quote by Walter Flanagan telling us why Dogs are the best and only choice when it comes to pet choice.

From episode 34 of Tell Em Steve Dave : Happy’s Dead.

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Vive Le Tour (in Long Melford)

I watched some of the Tour de France by accident in truth, or at least partially against my will at first. A friend of mine used to come over and want to watch the tour on our tv as he did’nt have satellite ,so no eurosport . So i guess i witnessed two of “Big Mig” Miguel Indurains five wins and bjarne Riis’s single victory but was never really inspired and engrossed until Jan Ullrichs 97 win and was hooked from that point onward, that friend by the way lost interest in the cycling.

So 15 years later having been inspired to do a load of cycling myself and having enjoyed hours of big tours,spring classics and 1 day races i found out the Tour of Britain was coming to my area, so i went online to see where they were coming closest expecting to have to travel an hour in the car at least but was still excited they were coming that close…but! (cat i put an exclamation mark after a but…well i just did) i checked the map on the official website and they were coming through my village! not only that they were having an intermediate sprint in the main street and entering and exiting the village on the backroads i have been regularly cycling for the last few years i was stupidly excited for this.

The day came and i took my dog out early to see what was happening and it was too early in truth not many people about and just a couple of shop keepers putting up buntings and flags, Later we all walked down to see and was pleased to see that the local primary school kids were being taken down to see the tour passing through, they were all dressed up in england hats and flags and were carryinng drums and lots of instruments to make a noise i even heard one dreaded vuvuzela..Nooooo.

I was hoping our village of Long Melford was gonna do itself proud and support the race in big numbers but half expected the street to be half empty, yeah i was excited but i had followed cycling avidly for 15 years or so so couldn’t gauge the excitement of others but i was not disappointed by the showing from Melfordians, later on the Tv highlights the commentator said “it seems no one in long melford has gone to school or work today!” Yeah i was proud of our village for this.

Anywho the Tour came through escorted by what seemd like 50 police motorcycles and a few cars then two breakaway riders flew past at a silly speed and i got a couple of shots on my camera then a couple of minutes later the rest of the Peloton, yes it was fast and over all too quickly but it was so frickin cool to see a tour pass through Melford including the Sky team with Bradley Wiggins riding and HTC Columbia and some of their great riders shame Mark Cavendish wasn’t riding but i was more than happy with what we saw.

After the Peloton a load of team cars and the Broom Wagon followed and the rear the broom wagon had an old stlye witches broom taped to the back,i wish i had got a photograph of that.

The Tour of Britain is getting bigger and bigger every year, i can’t wait till they come back to my area hopefully the turn out of fans in east anglia will encourage them to hold a couple of stages here again next year!

Such a great day that will live long in the memory.

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